Maintaining Your Lawn in 2017

Lawn care products
The best way to achieve an abundant, healthy green lawn is to use organic lawn products instead of chemical plant food that isn’t good for kids or pets. Your first step when utilizing organics is to perform a soil composition test by taking a handful of moist soil that isn’t wet and squeezing it firmly before you open the hand. The soil in your hand will either crumble right away, which indicates sandy soil, or it will maintain its shape but fall apart when you poke it, which signals loamy soil, or it will hold its shape even after you poke it, which signals clay soil. Your next step is to study up on the proper types of organic fertilizers that are appropriate for your kind of soil. Regardless of what kind of vegetation you plan to have it is recommended that you mix in compost to the soil since it will retain water and is nutrient-rich. Another recommended landscaping plan is to plant vegetation native to your area, which will help with soil balance.

A riding lawn mower is essential for large yards
Big lawns will be a real pain to mow with a conventional push mower but with a riding lawnmower the chore can seem like a drive in the country on Sunday. Using one won’t put any stress on your back like a push mower will and the job is done in a lot less time. Riding mowers are a must for people with health issues such as back or leg pain but you must make certain the seat is comfortable. If your yard is large with a significant slope you’ll want a riding mower with lots of horsepower to handle the irregular terrain. Lawn tractors are different than riding mowers, which are simpler to maneuver than tractors because of the location of the cutting deck at the front. The size of the lawn and the state of your budget are the two essential things that will govern your purchase of a riding mower. The last major decision is how to deal with the lawn clippings, as you can collect them in a bag while mowing or let them stay on the ground and serve as mulch.

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