What Can An Inversion Table Do For You?

What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Tables You Can Enjoy?

People have been using inversion therapy for neck and back pain relief for many years. They’ve learned that inversion therapy can dramatically reduce neck and back pain substantially when practiced long enough. These are far from the only two benefits, however. Inversion therapy can do so much more than just address these two kinds of pain. Inversion therapy users have personally witnessed reduced depression, improved metabolism, reversed aging, increased flexibility and posture, stress relief, enhanced circulation of oxygen and blood, a strong core, firmer ligaments, and so much more.

Does this all sound too good to actually be true?

Admittedly, the anecdotal evidence isn’t scientific, but with so many users across the globe raving about the advantages of inversion therapy, there’s certainly something worthwhile here. Doesn’t everyone deserve a healthier body and life?

How Do I Pick One Inversion Table Over The Rest?

Picking an inversion table over all others is really pretty basic. We recommend following our simple guidelines in picking the best possible inversion table that suits your situation. We don’t always carry every inversion therapy table currently on the market, but we do have a broad selection of reputable brands. Something in our product line will serve you well.


Inversion tables run a price range starting at under $200 to more than $600. You have to choose your budget before picking your table. If you’re already a veteran of inversion tables, then I recommend splurging a bit, because your expectations are likely higher than other shoppers. Also, if you’re truly concerned about your physical and mental health and inversion therapy is a serious affair for you, then the more expensive tables have considerably more features to offer you.

The more economic models are great entry-level options for anyone new to inversion tables. At just $170, you can invest in something wonderful for your overall health. Just keep in mind that you get out of it what you put into it. You’ll stand to benefit from any of the cheaper models, but they might not have everything you’re hoping to gain.

Certain higher-end tables all both face-up and face-down options, allowing you to do more exercises. For anyone wanting extra features, they should plan on paying more. Just remember that we’re talking about your health. If you’re truly serious about doing inversion therapy, then be sure you invest properly into what you want. Regardless of your decision, I believe you’ll enjoy any purchase that you make with us.

Additional Features

Select inversion tables in our lineup have extra features that bring more enjoyment and advantages to the experience. You won’t need every single feature, but quite a few consumers enjoy having options at their disposal. One feature many love is infrared therapy where an extra heating pad warms up the backrest during inversion. This adds a new therapeutic dimension that can help with the neck and back pain mentioned back at the start of this content.

Other additional features can include extra padding, ab training, and longer handles, among others. None of those features is truly crucial to inversion therapy, but a number of consumers like them.

As you can tell, not a lot is involved with choosing a good inversion therapy table. Many consumers just settle for something in their budget that comes with the list of features they deem useful. In the end, nearly any inversion table will do wonders for your body and health for years to come. Somewhere down the line, you’ll thank your past self for making the decision and investment to get an inversion table. The benefits of having one and using it regularly will turn your world upside down.

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