What Can An Inversion Table Do For You?

Inversion therapy has been relieving back and neck pain for years!  People have found that with inversion therapy back and neck pain can significantly decrease over time.  But that is not all.  Inversion therapy has been also known to relieve more than just back and neck pain.  Many users have seen decrease in depression, more energy, a reduction in aging, stress relief, more flexibility, better posture, better blood and oxygen circulation, a better core, stronger ligaments and much more benefits after using an inversion table.

Seem to good to be true?

Maybe, but we can assure you that it is true because users around the world are enjoying the benefits of inversion therapy.  Living a healthier life should be the most important goal.

How Do I Choose An Inversion Table?

Choosing an inversion therapy is quite simple.  We suggest using these simple guidelines to choosing the best inversion table to fit your needs.  We might not carry all inversion tables on the market but we carry a wide enough selection from only the most trusted brands to ensure that we have exactly what you are looking for.


Since inversion tables can range from under $200 to over $600, you need to first decide what your budget is when choosing your inversion table.  If you are a seasoned inversion table expert, I would suggest investing more money as you are probably going to expect a lot.  Also, if you are serious about your health and really serious about inversion therapy, you might also want to look at the more expensive tables as they offer more features.

For those who are new to the game, the lower priced inversion tables work wonders.  And for a price like $169.00, how could you say no, especially when this is an investment in your health.  But remember that with price you will get what you pay for.  Not saying that the inexpensive tables are not beneficial, but they just might not allow for all the options and benefits you are looking for.

Some of the more expensive tables allow for face down and face up option which will allow for more exercises.  For those looking for more features expect to pay a little more.  But remember this is your health and if you are serious about inversion therapy you may want to look into investing more.   Whatever you decide, I think you will happy with any purchase you make from Inversion Table Select.

Extra Features

Some of our inversion tables come with some added features which allow for more benefits and a more enjoyable experience.  Not that you need these features but many people love the option.  One of those features is the infrared therapy which is an added heating pad that heats up the backrest while inverting.  This will allow for an added therapeutic effect which will sooth and heal back and neck pain.

Some other extra features may be extra long handles, ab training and more padding to name a few.  None of these features are essential to inversion therapy but some customers prefer them while others may not.

As you can see, there is not much that goes into deciding which inversion table is right for you.  Many just pick one that seems to fit their price range and has the features they think they would need.  After all, each inversion table that we carry will allow you to enjoy the vast majority of the benefits that inversion therapy has to offer.  Whichever one you choose, we are sure you will love it for years to come!  Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

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