A Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer is a good time to give your home a thorough cleaning. If you are wondering what should go into a summer cleaning, you no longer have to. Below, we will be going over a comprehensive summer cleaning checklist.


1. Stowing Your Seasonal Clothes

When the weather begins to get a lot warmer, it is a good time to put away all of your cold-weather clothing. This can free up a lot of room in your home and keep your home from getting cluttered.

2. Your Floors

During the summer months, you are likely going to have your kids running into your house from outside. Because of this, it’s very likely people will be tracking dirt inside. While you can institute a “no shoe policy,” that is only going to do so much. Therefore, you should be keeping a mop and a vacuum handy. This way, you can routinely clean your floors to keep the dirt and grime from building up.

3. Get Ready For Stains

Whether you have kids at your house or friends over for a get-together, you are likely going to deal with more spills during the summer months than you would at other times throughout the year. Whether it be popsicles, wine, grapes, or anything else. Keeping your carpets stain-free is a must during the summer months. Having a good stain emergency plan in place can keep a stain from ruining your day.

4. Washing Your Trash Can

While you might be able to get away without washing your trashcan in the winter, you won’t have that same luxury in the summer months. Your garage is going to stink more than usual because of the heat. As a result, you are going to want to give your trash cans a thorough washing much more regularly to keep it from stinking and to keep from having issues with pests.

5. Bathroom Cleaning

Because you are likely going to have more people at your home, your bathrooms are going to get a lot more usage. As a result, you want to keep up with a good bathroom cleaning routine. This can keep your bathrooms looking and smelling great throughout the summer months.

When you have a waste that you can’t recycle and need to dump it in the landfill or home junk such as appliances, furniture, mattress, or scrap metal, it’s time to get them rid.

After you perform your summertime cleaning you are going to have a lot of unwanted items also known as junk. Please do me a favor and do not keep your junk, just get rid of it. There are several companies to choose from that do junk removal in Fort Collins. It’s great, you pile up all your junk, call them up, and they haul it away forever. Junk removal companies are usually pretty affordable, they do all of the heavy liftings, and they take away all of your junk/unwanted items never to be seen again.

By following the various tips above, you should be able to have a good summer cleaning program in place.


What Can An Inversion Table Do For You?

What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Tables You Can Enjoy?

People have been using inversion therapy for neck and back pain relief for many years. They’ve learned that inversion therapy can dramatically reduce neck and back pain substantially when practiced long enough. These are far from the only two benefits, however. Inversion therapy can do so much more than just address these two kinds of pain. Inversion therapy users have personally witnessed reduced depression, improved metabolism, reversed aging, increased flexibility and posture, stress relief, enhanced circulation of oxygen and blood, a strong core, firmer ligaments, and so much more.

Does this all sound too good to actually be true?

Admittedly, the anecdotal evidence isn’t scientific, but with so many users across the globe raving about the advantages of inversion therapy, there’s certainly something worthwhile here. Doesn’t everyone deserve a healthier body and life?

How Do I Pick One Inversion Table Over The Rest?

Picking an inversion table over all others is really pretty basic. We recommend following our simple guidelines in picking the best possible inversion table that suits your situation. We don’t always carry every inversion therapy table currently on the market, but we do have a broad selection of reputable brands. Something in our product line will serve you well.


Inversion tables run a price range starting at under $200 to more than $600. You have to choose your budget before picking your table. If you’re already a veteran of inversion tables, then I recommend splurging a bit, because your expectations are likely higher than other shoppers. Also, if you’re truly concerned about your physical and mental health and inversion therapy is a serious affair for you, then the more expensive tables have considerably more features to offer you.

The more economic models are great entry-level options for anyone new to inversion tables. At just $170, you can invest in something wonderful for your overall health. Just keep in mind that you get out of it what you put into it. You’ll stand to benefit from any of the cheaper models, but they might not have everything you’re hoping to gain.

Certain higher-end tables all both face-up and face-down options, allowing you to do more exercises. For anyone wanting extra features, they should plan on paying more. Just remember that we’re talking about your health. If you’re truly serious about doing inversion therapy, then be sure you invest properly into what you want. Regardless of your decision, I believe you’ll enjoy any purchase that you make with us.

Additional Features

Select inversion tables in our lineup have extra features that bring more enjoyment and advantages to the experience. You won’t need every single feature, but quite a few consumers enjoy having options at their disposal. One feature many love is infrared therapy where an extra heating pad warms up the backrest during inversion. This adds a new therapeutic dimension that can help with the neck and back pain mentioned back at the start of this content.

Other additional features can include extra padding, ab training, and longer handles, among others. None of those features is truly crucial to inversion therapy, but a number of consumers like them.

As you can tell, not a lot is involved with choosing a good inversion therapy table. Many consumers just settle for something in their budget that comes with the list of features they deem useful. In the end, nearly any inversion table will do wonders for your body and health for years to come. Somewhere down the line, you’ll thank your past self for making the decision and investment to get an inversion table. The benefits of having one and using it regularly will turn your world upside down.

I have this one that was a birthday gift from my friend who is the owner of a grease trap cleaning company in San Diego, CA.


Inversion Tables Help Avoid Hip Pain

There are times that you likely wake up and all you feel is pain. In most situations, these are typically injuries or muscle damage that happen and are unnoticed until they start to cause problems many hours or days after. With that said, you shouldn’t wait for your hip pain to get worse to the point where you can’t cope with the pain to do something about it.

One way to avoid hip pain is to use an inversion table. These tables use gravity which pulls on your body in order to help hip pain in the comfort of your home. They are quite effective in getting rid of the pain by allowing your body to realign and reset. It also helps to rehydrate your back’s lower discs. This helps your nerves and tendons to go back to their correct position which would naturally heal the pain.

There are many things that can cause hip pain to occur. For example, you can get hip pain from bad posture while you run, walk or jog. It can even be caused by pressing your gas and brake pedals in your vehicle. Unfortunately, the nerves near your hip can get pinched quite easily and cause you to become disabled for a long time. The typical treatment for this injury is usually lots of pain killers. However, this is only limited and eventually expensive because your nerves don’t function like muscles and will start to hurt again. If you do need to get some hood cleaning in Atlanta done, be sure to call a professional since you won’t be able to do it on your own until you heal your hip pain.

The best and least expensive option is to use an inversion table. This will help to avoid getting pinched nerves and hip pain. It can even help you to get rid of back pain, headaches as well as pain in your neck. When you use an inversion table regularly, it will quickly heal your nervous and muscular system and ensure it is working well.


Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 & EP-950 Inversion Tables

Many people, whom had used the Teeter EP-550 hang up inversion table, made the statement that it was the best investment one could make in any exercise or fitness equipment. An inversion table can only provide beneficial results for the user. The only thing worse than accepting your back pain as permanent damage, is ignoring the most amazing resource for healing those symptoms. That resource is the EP-550 Teeter, hang-up inversion table.

In the event that you can save countless dollars on home therapy, why wouldn’t you? Teeter Hang ups are the most cost efficient exercise and therapy machinery on the market today. No piece of equipment provides the same relief, without the help of a doctor or chiropractor. Many of those same doctors suggest the use of a Teeter inversion table to reduce healing time and increase the validity of therapy. Among those doctors the three most referred inversion table models are the EP 550, the EP 950, and the F5000.

Most people who suffer from back pain are affected during the morning and evening hours. Usage of the EP-950 hang up will reduce the level of discomfort that you deal with throughout the day or during your waking hours in the morning. In comparison to other forms of home exercise and therapy given to patients, the Teeter inversion table has proven to show the quickest and most effective results. Using the Teeter Hang up, for just minutes, before you go to bed or after getting out of bed can greatly reduce the symptoms and effects of back pain.

The Teeter EP-950 has provided thousands of people with relief, all around the world. It is amazing that a design so simple can create such a variety of exercises for you to perform at home. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, spinal pain, or improper posture, there is a reason why you should have your own Teeter Hang up inversion table.

Maintaining Your Lawn in 2017

Lawn care products
The best way to achieve an abundant, healthy green lawn is to use organic lawn products instead of chemical plant food that isn’t good for kids or pets. Your first step when utilizing organics is to perform a soil composition test by taking a handful of moist soil that isn’t wet and squeezing it firmly before you open the hand. The soil in your hand will either crumble right away, which indicates sandy soil, or it will maintain its shape but fall apart when you poke it, which signals loamy soil, or it will hold its shape even after you poke it, which signals clay soil. Your next step is to study up on the proper types of organic fertilizers that are appropriate for your kind of soil. Regardless of what kind of vegetation you plan to have it is recommended that you mix in compost to the soil since it will retain water and is nutrient-rich. Another recommended landscaping plan is to plant vegetation native to your area, which will help with soil balance.

A riding lawn mower is essential for large yards
Big lawns will be a real pain to mow with a conventional push mower but with a riding lawnmower the chore can seem like a drive in the country on Sunday. Using one won’t put any stress on your back like a push mower will and the job is done in a lot less time. Riding mowers are a must for people with health issues such as back or leg pain but you must make certain the seat is comfortable. If your yard is large with a significant slope you’ll want a riding mower with lots of horsepower to handle the irregular terrain. Lawn tractors are different than riding mowers, which are simpler to maneuver than tractors because of the location of the cutting deck at the front. The size of the lawn and the state of your budget are the two essential things that will govern your purchase of a riding mower. The last major decision is how to deal with the lawn clippings, as you can collect them in a bag while mowing or let them stay on the ground and serve as mulch.

If you find the preceding articles beneficial, you will also discover more advice regarding lawns and accessories on these similar Internet sites. For instance, when you need information about riding lawn mowers, then Shop Riding Lawn Mowers has plenty of usable material.

A Quick Guide on the Best Freezerless Refrigerators in the market

Hey I am with you – you already own a deep freeze – or you just don’t need a freezer.

No problem, we’ll show you where to find a selection of freezerless refrigerators to choose from.

Some may wonder exactly why anyone would choose a freezerless refrigerator over a full blown unit. It’s really not that hard to figure out. Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages:

They are usually smaller. This is huge if you are in a dorm room or an apartment. Also, bear in mind that if you are looking at a compact refrigerator, and you get one with a freezer, that freezer will be tiny and mostly useless.

Refrigerators with freezers use a LOT more electricity. Just think how much more power it takes to get the box down to 25 degrees or so, compared to just 40 degrees. When the compressor for that freezer clicks on, it will generate a lot of heat. I know this is a little counter-intuitive, but remember that the heat the compressor pulls out of the fridge has to go somewhere, and the harder the compressor works, the more heat it produces.

Refrigerators with freezers break down more often. Not that hard to understand – more parts equals more chances for something to go wrong.
Maybe you have a really big kitchen, and you need to feed a lot of people: You may want separate free-standing refrigerators and freezers.

Wow. That is actually a longer list than I thought we would have. So it makes plenty of sense to get a freezerless refrigerator. Where can wee find one? More good news. Most of the leading manufacturers of regular refrigerators also make freezerless units! This is huge – you can just look at brands you already know and trust. So instead of hunting down some fly by night builder, you can enjoy a real warranty and service from a name brand.

In addition, if you choose a well-known brand, you have a much better chance of seeing your new frig in person at a local store, although for the most part, you will have to do your research online.


Contractors and Women

Slow down there, this is not what you think. Let me ask you this:

How many women do you sell to?

When marketing your contracting company do you focus on women as your target client? Probably not!

Now I know a lot of you slam Home Depot or Lowe’s but this is where you need to get a good marketing lesson. See, Home Depot was the king of the hill (so they thought), but Lowe’s came in with a different approach.

They went after women. In the latest Window and Door magazine, they say women make up to 51% of the purchases for all home improvements for the home.

See, women are planners and they do their homework now, thanks to the online world. Also, there are more single women homeowners than men.

So, armed with this new information, how do you start marketing to women? Well if you have a showroom, why not have a women’s only lunch and learn party?

Why do you think the big box stores have seminars at their stores on how to install certain products? But also remember why do you think they got into the installation business?

You need to learn from the big box stores and even go to some of their seminars

This is how you learn your market, and when you are there and see more women than men there, this should open your eyes to a new market for you.

Look every week for their circulars in the newspaper and study them for the products and services they are offering. Look at the colors of the ads and also see their installed product specials for the week.

Contractors can learn some great marketing lessons, as long as they keep their eyes wide open and learn from the big box budgets. Every week they spend millions of dollars and you can get the marketing lesson for free.

I hope this helps you, and maybe even open some new doors for more contractor work.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again…Time for a good old Spring Clean!

Be realistic, a good spring clean should take a good couple of days when done thoroughly! Nevertheless, Spring Cleaning does not have to be chore or boring for that matter. With these handy tips, you’ll be done in a flash!

First things first, make a checklist:
•    cleaning supplies for oven, bathroom surfaces, kitchen, cupboards, floors.
•    A bucket: to carry all the cleaning supplies from room to room (this is a real time saver!).
•    Remember your old rags, paper towels, newspapers and rubbish bags.
•    Dig out your oldest clothes… things may get messy!
•    Wear rubber or cotton gloves to protect your hands.
•    Write a plan- going from room to room. Try to avoid the temptation to do different tasks at once.
•    Open up the window! This will help freshen up the room and help remove loosened airborne dust.

Once you are all prepared, put on your radio

This will guarantee to inject that much-needed spring in your step! Always remember to be ruthless, i.e. dump that pile of magazines that has been lying on your bedside table for months (hopefully the load has not been building since your last spring clean!). In addition, try not to get distracted, i.e. any family pictures or albums should be viewed after. Put them aside until all the cleaning is out of the way. With a view to this, make sure you tidy the house before you start cleaning, allowing yourself a clean run when it comes to the nitty-gritty work! When the cleaning is all done, take the opportunity to hang up those pictures you always wanted up but never got around to, or to change the furniture around, for a totally new look.


Finally, when you’re finished, pour yourself a nice cuppa or glass of your favourite wine and put your feet up for some well-deserved relaxation in your lovely, fresh-smelling, tidy home!


The Beauty of Natural Wooden Furniture

Wood can enhance any home or office décor, party due to the fact that wood is a naturally beautiful product. Its durability (depending on quality) can be and often is, timeless. Well-made pieces of furniture are often handed down as heirlooms, occasionally crossing over the span of centuries. There is no other natural product in the world like wood.

Wood comes in many varieties and qualities, and as is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The most affordable type of wooden furniture available falls into the category of RTA (ready to assemble), where the customer assembles the flat-packed pieces to create the finished product. Most typical furniture consists of an amalgam of real wood veneers and solid woods. This usually works out well, as solid wood can and does crack, split, expand or contract depending on humidity and other storage conditions. The most expensive furniture is never 100% solid anything but is rather a blend of solid timber and high-quality veneers.

For furniture used both for the home and for the office

The standard types of woods utilized tend to be oak, cherry, pine, and maple. Exotic woods include mahogany and tiger maple, which are finely grained, highly durable woods that can resist swelling, shrinking and warping.In fact, there are so many diverse species of wood that a full listing of all their names would be virtually impossible. The properties of wood differ from one species to another, but there are two distinct categories – hardwoods and softwoods.


Hardwoods come from trees that shed their leaves in the winter (deciduous). Softwoods typically derive from evergreen trees such as fir and pine. All wood’s fall within the range of very soft to very hard. Of the hardwoods, walnut is strong and easy to work with and can adapt to most types of finishes. Mostly used to make solid and veneered furniture cabinets, wall paneling, and gunstocks, it gives a beautiful finish. Oak has the combined qualities of being extremely durable and yet being able to bend. It is often used for wooden desks, and because it resists moisture absorption, framing for boats and flooring. Maple is very strong and fine-textured and is best used in flooring and in fine furniture. Cherry becomes red when exposed to sunlight and is a close-grained wood that ages well and is used extensively in cabinet making.

Softwoods include pine, which is used in house construction and is easy to work with due to its consistent structure, and fir, which has a low resistance to decay, is non-resinous, and is used in furniture and interior trim.

The most affordable wood furniture is the RTA variety, which can be bought from your common suppliers.