Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 & EP-950 Inversion Tables

Many people, whom had used the Teeter EP-550 hang up inversion table, made the statement that it was the best investment one could make in any exercise or fitness equipment. An inversion table can only provide beneficial results for the user. The only thing worse than accepting your back pain as permanent damage, is ignoring the most amazing resource for healing those symptoms. That resource is the EP-550 Teeter, hang-up inversion table.

In the event that you can save countless dollars on home therapy, why wouldn’t you? Teeter Hang ups are the most cost efficient exercise and therapy machinery on the market today. No piece of equipment provides the same relief, without the help of a doctor or chiropractor. Many of those same doctors suggest the use of a Teeter inversion table to reduce healing time and increase the validity of therapy. Among those doctors the three most referred inversion table models are the EP 550, the EP 950, and the F5000.

Most people who suffer from back pain are affected during the morning and evening hours. Usage of the EP-950 hang up will reduce the level of discomfort that you deal with throughout the day or during your waking hours in the morning. In comparison to other forms of home exercise and therapy given to patients, the Teeter inversion table has proven to show the quickest and most effective results. Using the Teeter Hang up, for just minutes, before you go to bed or after getting out of bed can greatly reduce the symptoms and effects of back pain.

The Teeter EP-950 has provided thousands of people with relief, all around the world. It is amazing that a design so simple can create such a variety of exercises for you to perform at home. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, spinal pain, or improper posture, there is a reason why you should have your own Teeter Hang up inversion table.

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