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Contractors and Women

Slow down there, this is not what you think. Let me ask you this:

How many women do you sell to?

When marketing your contracting company do you focus on women as your target client? Probably not!

Now I know a lot of you slam Home Depot or Lowe’s but this is where you need to get a good marketing lesson. See, Home Depot was the king of the hill (so they thought), but Lowe’s came in with a different approach.

They went after women. In the latest Window and Door magazine, they say women make up to 51% of the purchases for all home improvements for the home.

See, women are planners and they do their homework now, thanks to the online world. Also, there are more single women homeowners than men.

So, armed with this new information, how do you start marketing to women? Well if you have a showroom, why not have a women’s only lunch and learn party?

Why do you think the big box stores have seminars at their stores on how to install certain products? But also remember why do you think they got into the installation business?

You need to learn from the big box stores and even go to some of their seminars

This is how you learn your market, and when you are there and see more women than men there, this should open your eyes to a new market for you.

Look every week for their circulars in the newspaper and study them for the products and services they are offering. Look at the colors of the ads and also see their installed product specials for the week.

Contractors can learn some great marketing lessons, as long as they keep their eyes wide open and learn from the big box budgets. Every week they spend millions of dollars and you can get the marketing lesson for free.

I hope this helps you, and maybe even open some new doors for more contractor work.