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A Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer is a good time to give your home a thorough cleaning. If you are wondering what should go into a summer cleaning, you no longer have to. Below, we will be going over a comprehensive summer cleaning checklist.


1. Stowing Your Seasonal Clothes

When the weather begins to get a lot warmer, it is a good time to put away all of your cold-weather clothing. This can free up a lot of room in your home and keep your home from getting cluttered.

2. Your Floors

During the summer months, you are likely going to have your kids running into your house from outside. Because of this, it’s very likely people will be tracking dirt inside. While you can institute a “no shoe policy,” that is only going to do so much. Therefore, you should be keeping a mop and a vacuum handy. This way, you can routinely clean your floors to keep the dirt and grime from building up.

3. Get Ready For Stains

Whether you have kids at your house or friends over for a get-together, you are likely going to deal with more spills during the summer months than you would at other times throughout the year. Whether it be popsicles, wine, grapes, or anything else. Keeping your carpets stain-free is a must during the summer months. Having a good stain emergency plan in place can keep a stain from ruining your day.

4. Washing Your Trash Can

While you might be able to get away without washing your trashcan in the winter, you won’t have that same luxury in the summer months. Your garage is going to stink more than usual because of the heat. As a result, you are going to want to give your trash cans a thorough washing much more regularly to keep it from stinking and to keep from having issues with pests.

5. Bathroom Cleaning

Because you are likely going to have more people at your home, your bathrooms are going to get a lot more usage. As a result, you want to keep up with a good bathroom cleaning routine. This can keep your bathrooms looking and smelling great throughout the summer months.

When you have a waste that you can’t recycle and need to dump it in the landfill or home junk such as appliances, furniture, mattress, or scrap metal, it’s time to get them rid.

After you perform your summertime cleaning you are going to have a lot of unwanted items also known as junk. Please do me a favor and do not keep your junk, just get rid of it. There are several companies to choose from that do junk removal in Fort Collins. It’s great, you pile up all your junk, call them up, and they haul it away forever. Junk removal companies are usually pretty affordable, they do all of the heavy liftings, and they take away all of your junk/unwanted items never to be seen again.

By following the various tips above, you should be able to have a good summer cleaning program in place.

A Quick Guide on the Best Freezerless Refrigerators in the market

Hey I am with you – you already own a deep freeze – or you just don’t need a freezer.

No problem, we’ll show you where to find a selection of freezerless refrigerators to choose from.

Some may wonder exactly why anyone would choose a freezerless refrigerator over a full blown unit. It’s really not that hard to figure out. Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages:

They are usually smaller. This is huge if you are in a dorm room or an apartment. Also, bear in mind that if you are looking at a compact refrigerator, and you get one with a freezer, that freezer will be tiny and mostly useless.

Refrigerators with freezers use a LOT more electricity. Just think how much more power it takes to get the box down to 25 degrees or so, compared to just 40 degrees. When the compressor for that freezer clicks on, it will generate a lot of heat. I know this is a little counter-intuitive, but remember that the heat the compressor pulls out of the fridge has to go somewhere, and the harder the compressor works, the more heat it produces.

Refrigerators with freezers break down more often. Not that hard to understand – more parts equals more chances for something to go wrong.
Maybe you have a really big kitchen, and you need to feed a lot of people: You may want separate free-standing refrigerators and freezers.

Wow. That is actually a longer list than I thought we would have. So it makes plenty of sense to get a freezerless refrigerator. Where can wee find one? More good news. Most of the leading manufacturers of regular refrigerators also make freezerless units! This is huge – you can just look at brands you already know and trust. So instead of hunting down some fly by night builder, you can enjoy a real warranty and service from a name brand.

In addition, if you choose a well-known brand, you have a much better chance of seeing your new frig in person at a local store, although for the most part, you will have to do your research online.